Rachel Claire

Welcome home to yourself.

Let’s talk about your menstrual cycle.

Did you know that there is more to your cycle than simply your period each month?

This idea may be new to you. Obviously as a woman who has been managing her period for a number of years, you are a bleeding expert.

You are probably thinking, “Yes Rachel, my period is simply part of me. What else is there to know?”

Like you, I was a bleeding newbie when it came to understanding the rest of my menstrual cycle beyond my monthly bleed.

Like you, I thought it would be nice to know exactly what is going on inside my body and to have a better understanding of the process and where I’m at during the month.

But I get it, it can be overwhelming to jump head first into this world of menstrual cycles.

I experienced this overwhelming feeling myself when I realised that tracking my cycle would involve more than noting the date that my period came in my period app (I used to use Clue).

I felt shocked and dismayed to realise that my body went through four distinct phases each month. Why wasn’t I taught about this in sex-ed at school? Why hadn’t my mother told me about the cyclical nature of my body? What was the reason behind keeping this a secret?


I soon discovered there is no conspiracy. As women we have simply forgotten. Forgotten the ways of our bodies, the joy that our menstrual cycle brings and how to work with our cycles rather than working against them.

The introduction of hormonal contraception has been a life-changing and deeply empowering tool for women to take control over their fertile years. However it has also shut down our natural cycles and numbed us to the natural processes of our body (I actually wrote a blog about my journey with contraception here).

We feel disconnected from our bodies. We feel disconnected from who we are and what we want.

I believe that our menstrual cycle holds powerful lessons about how we can live a more balanced life. I believe understanding our menstrual cycle is our path to re-connection with our bodies and, most importantly, our selves.

I believe that checking in with your body each day is a spiritual practice in itself - and such an easy one!

Please enjoy exploring the blog & free resources I’ve created just for you. Come on over to Instagram and say hello, join me as I share my menstrual cycle L-O-V-E with the world.

With love, Rachel

What is Rest & Rhythm?

Rest & Rhythm is a coaching program that reconnects you with the spiritual practice of your menstrual cycle.

It incorporates mindfulness practice (yoga nidra) & yoga therapy to support reflection, healing and growth.

You will work 1:1 with me over six months and receive 360 minutes of inspiration and guidance.

Delivered via video call, we both can be located anywhere in the world.




Meet Rachel

For my entire adult life I kept myself busy. Busy doing, busy achieving, busy proving myself to others and to myself. Without realising it, I was completely ignoring the natural rhythm of my inner world.